How it All Started

Well, when I moved to California earlier this year, I was not allowed to bring my kitties with me (I’ll hopefully be able to get them some time next year). In my loneliness for animal company, I started feeding the neighborhood crows. Two scrub jays got in on the action as well, and being that they are much braver than the crows (and even get on my lap), they’ve quickly charmed me out of multiple pounds of peanuts.

The other day, I was drawing a quick label to put on my crow food container. I titled it “Crow Buddy Food” and my next thought was, “Hmmm… I wonder if crowbuddy.com is available?” Surprisingly, it was! I nabbed it immediately and began work on a few crow sketches and doodles. Since I also run a website of cat illustrations (www.bubble-cat.com), I figured it would be fun to do the same with crows.

And that is how it all began! I hope to eventually be able to make a living with my illustrations, children’s books, and other artistic endeavors. Thank you for visiting CROW BUDDY!

XO Jen


I have created a FREE PRINTABLE version for your personal use only (not for resale). Click the image below to download and print!

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